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Huus Gstaad


The Telegraph - Travel Destinations - Huus Gstaad

“A perfect marriage between Alpine hut and luxury design hotel. HUUS Gstaad melds an unmatched package of outdoor activities with a well appointed family-friendly spa and “the world’s best beds”. Two Range Rover convertibles for complimentary hire top off the visionary concept.”

9/10 Telegraph expert rating.

My house is your house – feeling right at home in the HUUS Hotel Gstaad

“Mis huus, dis huus – mis Herz isch es Hotel” (“My house, your house – my heart is a hotel.” ) Even though the song by Switzerland’s award-winnning rap duo Lo & Leduc (they rap in the Swiss German dialect) has absolutely no connection to the Hotel HUUS in Gstaad, I couldn’t get the catchy tune out of my mind during the drive there. Maybe it was that Latino groove?

Snow in Gstaad, Switzerland

This was our first winter while living in Europe, and trips to the mountains were a high priority for us. Compared to the U.S., winters here just feel different — there’s something magical about the quaint cobblestone streets, lit-up towns and the Swiss Alps in the snow.

Huus Gstaad takes the Alpine chalet to new heights

Feeling the call of the mountains? Then Huus Gstaad is the place for you.

Architect Erik Nissen Johansen – founder of Swedish design agency Stylt Trampoli – has reinvented the former Steigenberger Hotel, transforming it into a 136-room chalet.

A House For All Seasons

Opening in December 2016, Huus Hotel is set to invigorate Gstaad’s hospitality landscape with its unique concept of intimate mountain hideaway underlined by a firm familial flair. Set 1,111 meters above sea level in the Bernese Oberland, the spectacular surroundings of the 131-room Design Hotels™ member permeate every aspect of the hotel.