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Welcome to Huus Gstaad

Your Alpine Escape Awaits

A world of Alpine experiences. A taste of authenticity. A touch of comfort that feels oh so familiar – welcome to HUUS, your Alpine home away from home. Nestled among the rolling peaks of the Bernese Alps, our sunny hillside location boasts the best views in all of Gstaad. Summer or winter – it’s time to come up, slow down and enjoy the feel-good HUUS atmosphere.

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Live from HUUS Gstaad Hotel

Our beloved Anita knows how to keep the little ones busy 🧸
Would you like to enjoy a few hours on the slopes or simply kick back in our Pool & Spa area? Take some time off, relax and rewind. Anita is happy to take care of your kids, no matter the age, while you’re out and about.
The Kids club is on the fourth floor and supervised except for Sundays & Mondays.
Of course, we are also happy to arrange baby-sitters at your desire. Simply contact our front desk to do so.
Feel free to drop any questions in the comments below 👇

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Ending the week immersed into the white wild 🏔️❄️🌲 ...

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Bring it on winter paradise ❄️
We’ve been waiting for you! Time to clear the parking lot of the recent ⛄️ dump! Our favorite technician Vladimir knows how to work his machines and especially our beloved classic Daihatsu Snow Plow 🛻
You don’t like to scratch off the ice from your windows and snow from your roof? Simply use one of our 70 underground parking 🅿️ spots for chf 15 per night.

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Snowfall… Beautiful every time you get to witness it with your own eyes. We are more than happy to finally be covered completely in snow - play time is on ❄️☃️🎿🏔️⛷️
Meanwhile our complimentary 🚕 shuttle service to/from the surrounding train stations of Schönried, Saanen or Gstaad are still running of course - no matter the snow conditions ❄️

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HUUS ❄️ Igloo Fondue vibes 🫕
Ever wondered what a delicious cheese fondue session in our HUUS Igloo covered by a clear nights sky 💫 looks and feels like? Here you go 👀

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Doing alright in the drivers seat. Looking out of the window into the snow covered landscapes of Saanenland 🏔️ never gets boring. Who wants to go for a ride? ...

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Wait for the fail at the end 🤦‍♂️
🍺 Tips to enjoy HUUS beer: Go out for a little hike 🥾, enjoy at 6 degrees ❄️ celsius, surrounded by fresh snow during a stunning sunset overlooking a snow covered forest 🌲 with a good friend 🍻

Throw by @anthonybannwart_official

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Finally we are able to go for some snowy rides again 🏔️
Why have a 4x4 if you can’t put it to use right?
Passing through magically snow covered forest roads that barely fit the width of our beloved @landroverswitzerland Defender is only one of the ways to enjoy the recent ❄️ dump.

What is your favorite way to enjoy the fresh pow? Let us know in the comments below

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🚿 Who loves to start their day with jumping in the shower? Or rinsing down the sweat from your outdoorsy expeditions of the day?

Enjoy the outdoor window views not only from your room but even from your daylight-lit bathroom.
The walk-in rainfall 🌧️ showers make you feel like in your very own private spa. And in case you prefer a bathtub, simply let us know prior to your arrival 🛀.

You will feel right at home with fitted oak shelves, slate black hexagonal tiles in combination with grey pebbles which offset the copper fixtures. Of course you can also close the window according to your desire by simply sliding over the closet like sliding cover. Singing in showers is always welcome of course.

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Get to experience the HUUS comfort first-hand in your room. We always encourage you to go out there and explore the beautiful surroundings. Please be aware that the box-spring beds from Hästens are so comfy that you will want to happily sleep in in the mornings 🛌. Offering the perfect night’s sleep the beds in the double rooms can be customised as twins or doubles as required – 180 x 200cm bed or two twin beds 90 x 200cm. ...

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🐶 Did I hear dog-friendly? Yes absolutely 🙌 🐕

Your best friend is more than welcome at HUUS Gstaad with dog-comfy pet-menities as cozy as your own 🛌.

🐶 🛌 🍽️💧🦴

In-fact we are fan of pets and believe traveling with your pet should be as fun for them as it is for you. We provide a comfy dog bed according to size, food and water bowl and of course a little treat for the cost of chf 15 per night.

Unleash, unwind and welcome to our pet-friendly hotel.

We can’t wait for your pet to stay.

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We wish everyone a good start into the new year 2023 🥳

See you soon again „Frau Holle“

Meanwhile reminiscing a snowy stroll 🚶‍♂️ in the neighborhood ⛄️ ❄️ 🏔️ of @huusgstaad

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The 2022 season comes to an end…

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Snowy tree tops with a misty morning flair 🌲❄️😍 Soon again 🙌
Immerse yourself into the one of Saanenland’s majestic forests, only a stone’s throw away from your room at HUUS Gstaad.

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👼 The most wonderful time of the year… Especially when getting to see so many cute smiles around 🥰 ...

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We wish everyone a merry christmas! 🎄 May all your wishes come true 💫 ...

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🎁 We love to celebrate Christmas season 💃
What better way to celebrate and shake the christmas pounds off than dancing with music by @besfordofficial ?
Join us in the HUUS Gstaad lobby on 🕺 December 24-25-26-29-30-31 🪩 from 4PM-11PM.

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🪄 May all your wishes come true 🎅
All the best wishes for you and your family from the bottom for our hearts ❤️ Your HUUS Gstaad team

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🥳 Merry Christmas 🎄 to you and your family from the entire HUUS Gstaad Team. We are looking forward to making this winter season 2022/23 one for the books 📚🎉

📸 @andy_gstaad

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🎄Let the festive season begin 🎁🎈🥳🎊
Come and celebrate with us. The Christmas tree is trimmed and decorated. We even had to cut it down because it reached all the way to the ceiling 🪚. The whole HUUS Gstaad team is thrilled to celebrate with you.
Was the effort worth it? 🎄 Let us know in the comments below 👇

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🎄Driving HUUS for Christmas ❄️
We are looking forward to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year 🎅 with all our old and new friends. For Christmas and New Years we still have a few 🍴dinner spots available, book your table now and enjoy these views meanwhile on your way to HUUS Gstaad 🎄☃️❄️

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❄️The sugar coating has been completed ☃️
The HUUS Gstaad Team is more than excited to celebrate this winter season with you. Let’s make this one ☝️ to remember 🏔️

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🎄🎁💝 The most wonderful time of the year is around the corner. 🎶 What comes next will be marvellous 🎶
🌠 Are you in need of last minute christmas gift shopping ideas? How about blessing your loved ones with marvellous night sky views over the mountains of Gstaad? Surprise your family & friends with a stay at HUUS Gstaad 🎄🎁💝 Book a stay or gift a voucher. 👉 Simply visit our website or drop an E-Mail for more info concerning vouchers to 📧

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It‘s snow time ❄️❄️ ...

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It is snowing today ❄️and less than 10 days until opening day @huusgstaad 🍾 ...

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Meet the HUUS team

Meet Alberto, the new head chef 👨‍🍳

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Enjoying sunrise views while the rise of winter is around the corner.
👉 2022 RE-OPENING on December 14th is when we are opening our doors so you can enter and enjoy the world of HUUS Gstaad. We are looking forward to see you again very soon ❄️🎿🏔️💃🍱🍹

📸 @birdseye
🚶 @majestic_bill

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🏔️ Looking for incredible mountain views 👀? Our terrace is always worth spending time at… Soaking it all in what mother nature has to offer while enjoying a delicious hot or chilled drink from our bar ☕️ 🍹 🍸

📸 @birdseye

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⛰️ Memories of golden autumn sunset hikes…
The summit of Gummfluh is a 2 hours rather rocky ascent that rewards you with beautiful 360 degree views on the borders between the cantons of Berne and Vaud.
Bringing your outdoor essentials in our HUUSbackpack has never been easier. You find one HUUSbackpack in every room.

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🌁 Bridging the season between autumn and the start of winter is never easy… Although, hikes along winding rivers covering multiple waterfalls easily let’s you jump into peace of mind. Enjoy the off-season, it is only one more month to go until re-opening the winter 2022/23 season 🤗

📸 for the shot @birdseye

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The HUUS Gstaad 🏨 in it’s full glory. Have you experienced the golden hour 🌅 while sitting on your balcony and soaking up the last sun rays before sundown? It’s easily one of our favorite moments of the day at HUUS Gstaad 💆‍♀️

📸 Captured by @timothy.cuenat

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🌲 Hiking trips in November are beautiful.

The water keeps on falling down, we are already looking forward to the winter days where the snow falls from the sky. Who will you take to the mountains of Gstaad this winter?

Always enabling you to pack your seven things: 🎒 The HUUSbackpack

📍Lauenensee 🇨🇭

Model @mayaasiriguitarra
📸 @birdseye

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Over 1’000 square meters for your wellbeing @huusgstaad 🧖🏾‍♀️ ...

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Sunday mornings should never start without a great coffee ☕️ ...

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Visiting @huusgstaad 🐄🐄 ...

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About last night @huusgstaad 🕺🏻🍹 ...

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Perfect place, perfect atmosphere, perfect food…. our little HÜÜSLI in the garden @huusgstaad 👍 ...

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Enjoying the Indian summer views over Gstaad and Saanen 🍂 🌳 ⛰️
Picture yourself sitting on your balcony, drinking a delicious hot tea 🫖 with sweet 🍯 while you watch your kids play in our new garden play ground, even supervised with the HUUS kids club during its official opening hours. Would that sound like a relaxed family holiday to you? Upcoming weekend is your LAST CHANCE before we slowly fall into OFF-season to freshen up the HUUS for winter ❄️ season.

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It went like 🍻🌅💆‍♂️
Good friends, hiking, a beautiful autumn sunsets and a chilled HUUS Lager beer. What else do you need?
Last chance to get your HUUS Gstaad stay in until October 30th 2022 before we are freshening up the HUUS for the upcoming winter season and our re-opening in mid December.

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Hiking season is on ⛰️🚶‍♂️🦅
👉 Til the 30th of October 2022 you can visit us @huusgstaad 🏨
Enjoy the views that mother nature has to offer, watch the surrounding wildlife and take a deep breath to take it all in. Meanwhile, stay hydrated throughout your adventures with our reusable HUUS bottles 💧

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👶 HUUS KID‘S CLUB puts parents mind at ease. Our wonderful Kid‘s Club Babysitter Anita takes care of your little ones Tuesdays til Saturdays from 10AM to 6PM (Fri&Sat -7PM). ...

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Golden Hour in Golden October with @larissa_wlc at the @gopro creator’s summit post tour to Gstaad.
Can a sunset get any more dreamy than this 🍂☀️😍?

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Pool day @huusgstaad 🏊🏻‍♀️ ...

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Who cares about a little rain when you have the vibes? 🕺
💃 Thursdays/Fridays/Saturdays 🪩 at 4PM-11PM with our resident 🎧 DJ @besfordofficial AKA @konimusik on the decks 💿 through sunshine, rain, hail and snow 🕶

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HUUS Gstaad guests enjoying their stay 👍😀 ...

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We @huusgstaad ❤️Guestagram.

Thanks for staying with us and spreading #huusgstaad @larissa_wlc @teigannash @susividal @cristinaverdu @emzel95

#huusgstaad the perfect place for a #girlsfriendship weekend in #gstaad 🥂🍾

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Explore the nearby area of #gstaad 🚵🏻‍♀️ ...

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🛌 Cozy mornings at @huusgstaad 😴

Getting a good night rest is easy in our comfortable Hästens beds - handmade from ethically-sourced natural materials 🕊

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It‘s hard not to smile when you are @huusgstaad 😀😃 ...

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Feeling Wonderful 🌈 w/ @besfordofficial A.K.A. @konimusik 😎 every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4PM - 11PM at @huusgstaad lobby. Come by and have wonderful time 🍹💃🪩 ...

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