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Summer Activities

HUUS Gstaad Hotel offers a large selection of all-inclusive summer activities for unforgettable outdoor experiences. From rafting and canyoning, to abseiling, climbing, and even Indiana Jones adventuring, this is the perfect opportunity for you and your beloved ones to discover the magnificent surroundings of Saanenland. Also, our mountain bikes and e-bikes are at your free disposal during your entire stay.


Explore the region by foot, more than 30 routes meander through hills and mountains igniting your imagination and uplifting your spirit. Fill the backpack provided in your room with a tasty HUUS lunch box or order a Fondue package at the local dairy store. Saanenland offers the most beautiful views from its many mountain peaks. Crafted chalets, lush forests, local wildlife, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and much more – the charming sights of the region are yours to discover.

Wandern in Gstaad

River Rafting

Follow the rivers Saane and Simme through some quiet passages and wild stretches – the perfect conditions to challenge yourself with some river rafting in a unique and stunning setting. Your guide will provide you with all equipment and training you need to tackle these thrilling rapids.

Biking HUUS Backpack

Mountain Bikes and Electric Bikes

Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced cyclist, the 500km+network of GPS-tours for mountain, road, and e-bikers has something to offer for everyone. The region of Gstaad offers signposted routes, e-bike charging stations, and other bike facilities all around. As a guest, our (e)-mountain bikes are free of charge, and upon request, our local guides will take you on a journey that traverses hills, flower meadows, and the canopies of the forests of the Saanenland.

Indiana Jones Adventure

Free your inner Indy as you head to the Hornberg, one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Saanenland. Once you arrive in this alpine haven, your expert guide will prepare you for your Indiana Jones experience. Climb the mountain, take on the via ferrata and soar on the flying fox (a Tyrolean zip-wire) before abseiling back to the ground. Just try not to lose your hat!

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Move over water slides. Go canyoning in the Rivers Saane and Simme for a real exhilarating ride. Walk, scramble, and climb before you leap into the clear waters. Follow the path as you race down beautiful rockslides, abseil and swim through crystal pools. We will provide you with all the equipment you need and a guide, all you need is your incredible sense of adventure.

Rope Park

The trees of the Obersimmental make fine pillars for wobbly cable bridges, swaying rope ladders, crazy Tyrolean zip-wires, daring leaps and high-speed downhill runs. Secured to a climbing rope, our groups dare to perform the tightrope walk of a lifetime, leap into the void and move hand over hand from one rope to the next.


Have you ever wondered what a rock face looks like from up close? Our climbing guides will make sure you are always in safe hands while providing you with useful tips at every stage of your climbing journey. Dear to learn new moves, and create your own style of rock climbing, all while challenging your body and mind. Experience our diverse landscape first hand on astonishing rock faces – which have something to offer for all levels of rock climbing.