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Huus Gstaad


The Telegraph - Travel Destinations - Huus Gstaad

“A perfect marriage between Alpine hut and luxury design hotel. HUUS Gstaad melds an unmatched package of outdoor activities with a well appointed family-friendly spa and “the world’s best beds”. Two Range Rover convertibles for complimentary hire top off the visionary concept.”

9/10 Telegraph expert rating.

My house is your house – feeling right at home in the HUUS Hotel Gstaad

“Mis huus, dis huus – mis Herz isch es Hotel” (“My house, your house – my heart is a hotel.” ) Even though the song by Switzerland’s award-winnning rap duo Lo & Leduc (they rap in the Swiss German dialect) has absolutely no connection to the Hotel HUUS in Gstaad, I couldn’t get the catchy tune out of my mind during the drive there. Maybe it was that Latino groove?