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Des expériences inoubliables. Le goût de l’authenticité. Bienvenue à HUUS où nous vous offrons un séjour à la montagne tout confort, comme à la maison. Niché entre les sommets des Alpes bernoises, notre hôtel ensoleillé situé à flanc de colline offre des vues spectaculaires sur le village de Gstaad. Hiver comme été, il fait bon profiter de l’atmosphère de détente qu’offre HUUS.

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Live from HUUS Gstaad Hotel

Golden October took it quite literal and turned the first days of the month into golden hour more than once… Cow bells ringing in your ears, the sound of grasshoppers buzzing, and a light breeze in the air… Golden October 🍂 doesn’t get much better. With sunny days ahead we are looking forward to catch many more beautiful sunsets before we take a little pre-winter break at the end of this month. Make sure to visit us to enjoy your Golden October break! ...

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Miles of Mystery @rallybcause hosted at HUUS Gstaad Hotel with over 100 participants and ca. 50 beautiful cars 🏎️🏁 ...

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The first stop of @rallybcause at @huusgstaad is in the books. Just one of many car events during summer… Keep on rolling and be safe to all the participants of @rallybcause ...

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🦅 One of these mornings… Feel like taking off? Make sure to enjoy the beautiful weather during the days ahead.
🤫 We still have a few rooms available over the weekend for the spontaneous adventurers 🙌⛰️🌞

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Pretty backyard views of @gstaad_official with great weather ahead this week 🌞🕶️🙌 ...

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How do you like your breaky? In the sun with a magnificent view? 🤝 Enjoy the complimentary breakfast buffet during your stay @huusgstaad from 7am-11am. Soaking up Vitamin D in the morning to fuel your day while tasting the wide variety of fresh products to start the day - doesn’t get much better than that 🙌🌞🍳🥞🥣🥚☕️ ...

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When summertime feels like a movie… Make it your own during your stay at @huusgstaad. Thank you for the continuing partnership @landrover @landroverswitzerland we will always make sure to put those four wheels to good use… And of course we know which turn too take when we need a fix @ledigaragefeutersoeyag

🎥 Guest feature by @birdseye @longboijumps

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🤫 Don’t Tell anyone that we love cheese here in Switzerland… so much that we like to keep it cool and safe - the Cheese Fort Knox of @gstaad_official. The oldest alpine cheese here dates back to 1931 and the value of all this cheese is exactly… for you to find out during a guided candle light tasting tour including cheese, wine and bread. Totally approved by @totallyavalon 🧀🤤🍷
Sign up at @molkerei.schonried during your next Gstaad visit!
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