Gym I Facilities & Services | HUUS Gstaad Hotel


Around-the-Clock Fitness with our 24/7 Gym

The HUUS Gstaad Gym, located on the 3rd floor, is tailored for those who never compromise on their fitness routine. Open around the clock, we ensure your fitness regimen remains undisturbed. Dive into a myriad of exercises with our Technogym equipment, from intense strength training sessions using our machines and dumbbells to serene moments on our yoga mats. And after pushing your limits, why not indulge in some relaxation? Inquire about our Treatroom rooms for a rejuvenating massage or head to our spa for a refreshing dip. Embrace our “Workout no matter the weather” ethos and relish in a holistic fitness and wellness journey, any time of day or night at HUUS Gstaad.