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HUUS Sushi

Freshly crafted by our Sushi Master Yasushi

When our Sushi Master Yasushi brings his Sushi expertise to the heart of Saanenland, the atmosphere at HUUS Gstaad becomes electric with anticipation. Renowned for his unparalleled skill and innovative approach, Yasushi infuses the art of Sushi-making into HUUS Gstaad Hotel.

Experience the Magic: Every Wednesday to Sunday, from 4:00 PM to 9:30 PM, immerse yourself in a HUUS Sushi experience like no other. Sushi Master Yasushi meticulously crafts each piece, infusing traditional techniques with unexpected ingredients that surprise and delight.

Freshly Prepared, Just for You: Join us in the lively lobby, where you can witness the precision and passion of Master Yasushi’s craft. Each sushi delicacy is prepared on-site, ensuring the freshest flavors and the most memorable experience.

Dive into a world where Japanese tradition meets Saanenland charm. At HUUS Gstaad Hotel, Sushi isn’t just a dish—it’s a journey of taste, art, and wonder.